Jenn T. / Jae In

JAEIN OR JENN T. is an fashion editorial/celebrities, also commercial stylist, based in New York City.

Jenn was born in Bangkok Thailand and moved back & forth to Korea since she was 15. She completely moved to Seoul when she finished high school. Jenn studied film directing at Konkuk University, Seoul. During worked on the film set, her Korean celebrity friend introduced her to Ceci Magazine Korea that's how she entered into the fashion world.

Jenn uses Thai Korean English language fluently, also with a good taste of fashion led her to work with Ceci Magazine Korea & Thailand. She wrote columns for Ceci Magazine until she wanted to learn more about fashion.

Jenn decided to move to London in 2014 - 2015 to learn more about fashion, she attended the class at LCS (London College of Style). And luckily editorial she shot in school was with the photographer Leigh Keily. She got interned with Zara UK for 6 months and did some projects with them after. Before she left London she did another project with Anna Valentine also.

After graduated from London, Jenn went to LA to assist fashion show.

Traveled a lot almost around the world, Jenn decided to move to New York because it's the city of passion & opportunity. It's where she can be inspired and created whatever she would love to do.

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